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“As the next Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff, I will work tirelessly to ensure the protection and safety of the families and businesses in Tangipahoa Parish. With my extensive law enforcement experience and training background, I will put into place a proactive plan for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office. Additionally and most importantly, I will be accessible and available to our deputies, staff, and the entire Tangipahoa Parish community.”


Parish Jail

Chris is committed to ending the Tangipahoa Parish Prison Lawsuit. He will work with the parish government to secure a mutual agreement that will best serve both the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office and Tangipahoa Parish Government. Chris Gideon has already engaged leaders in both entities concerning the everyday challenges faced at the parish jail. He has surrounded himself with subject matter experts in the field of corrections who will assist him in navigating these complicated issues.  During the transition period prior to beginning his first term in office, he plans to begin the process to reconcile these differences. 

A War on Drugs

Chris will create and manage a task force consisting of local, state and federal agencies in order to utilize all resources available and begin a proactive approach to fighting the drug dealers in Tangipahoa Parish. He will identify them and disrupt their deliveries, as well as destroy their financial infrastructure.


Chris will establish an Interstate Interdiction Team. “We have two major interstates that run through Tangipahoa Parish. I-12 and I-55 are nationally known as criminal pipelines that are used by drug smugglers, human traffickers, illegal gun runners, and many violent and wanted criminals.  These criminals pass through our parish every single day and night”. The interdiction team will use specialized training to locate and arrest these criminals as well as seize their assets. This team will further investigate their intended destinations and follow their path in conjunction with our local, state and federal partners. “Extending these investigations can lead to very large seizures of assets, and the freeing of any victims of human trafficking”.

Training and Development of Deputies

Chris is committed to the comprehensive and professional training and development of the deputies of Tangipahoa Parish. They will receive expert training that will better serve the current dedicated team at the sheriff’s office and will help to recruit new deputies. “Employees who are well trained and who feel valued will demonstrate increased job satisfaction, morale, and productivity”.  


Chris Gideon is committed to training being implemented in areas of diversity, ethics, situational awareness, crisis intervention and de-escalation, leadership, and personal development.

Livable Wages for Deputies

In order to train and maintain the deputies who serve and protect the families and businesses in Tangipahoa Parish, the sheriff’s office must find ways to increase the salaries for its deputies. “Law enforcement experience is a valuable part of the sheriff’s office”.  Livable salaries and continued comprehensive training will be an integral part of Chris Gideon’s leadership as the Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish.

Additional Patrols for Tangipahoa Parish

Response time is a key part of Chris Gideon’s proactive law enforcement plan. “The quicker deputies can arrive to answer a call, the better the outcome will be”. In order to immediately increase the number of patrol deputies, Chris plans to utilize all existing P.O.S.T. certified deputies to patrol and answer calls in Tangipahoa Parish.

Growing the Reserve Deputy Division

“The goal to increase the number of deputies in Tangipahoa Parish can be accomplished with the commitment to provide training and outreach to attract reserve deputies”. As Sheriff, Gideon will invite retired law enforcement officers, retired deputies, and any other interested community members who want to play an important role in the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Department as a Reserve Deputy.  

Community Outreach Programs

As Sheriff, Chris will institute and actively promote community outreach programs specifically designed to meet the needs of the community. These outreach programs will include mental health awareness, civilian emergency casualty response, critical blood loss prevention, senior wellness and protection, and many more programs. “I have already talked to many local organizations who have started these essential outreach programs, and I will promote and participate in their efforts”. 

Civilian Review Board

In order to bring transparency and community support, Chris Gideon will institute a Civilian Review Board.  This board will convene in instances when a civilian may feel an incident needs to be presented to members of the community for a review. “This board will not have termination powers, but they will be presented with the facts of the incident. I want community members on the board who will stand up when the officer was right and let me know when the officer was not”. 

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