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A Tradition of Service to the Community

With a Passion to Serve, Chris Gideon learned at an early age that service to the community was important. His father, the late Dr. Charles Gideon, served as Mayor of Ponchatoula for twelve years, and his mother, Alice Gideon, was involved in many community activities and programs in Ponchatoula and Tangipahoa Parish.


In 2004, Chris realized the opportunity to help even more people in the law enforcement community by starting his company that specialized in training for all areas of police work and personal protection. He successfully was instrumental in helping many modern police officers obtain the training they use today as these officers serve the community.


Following in his father’s footsteps, Chris chose to serve the community by being an active member of the law enforcement community. In 1989 he joined the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office as a Reserve Deputy and at that point he realized his passion. Chris became a full-time deputy in 1991 and rose through the ranks until 2004.


Chris and his wife Laurie have four children and they continue to be active in the Ponchatoula and Tangipahoa Parish community. Chris is a member of the Ponchatoula PM Pine Grove Lodge 288 and served as a TARC Board Member.

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